Amy & Brad

"I could not have asked for a better wedding.  It was way more than I ever could have dreamed.  Simply Sapphire Events was so detailed, so thorough, nothing was missed.  Guests were so comfortable and that was something which was really important to me.  I wanted my guests to have lots of fun.  The food was delicious, the favors were unique, and I didn't need to do anything on my wedding day.  It was so nice to just enjoy my wedding with my new husband.  I wish I could get married again because it was amazing - and I'd definitely use SSE to plan it!"

Catherine & Robert

"My daughter's wedding was planned start to finish by Simply Sapphire Events. SSE took care of the budget, the guest list, all of it.  And somehow managed to keep the bride, groom and all parents happy. Every little detail was covered and included a candy station to die for (bride's request) as well as every toiletry you could need in the restrooms.  Wedding days are stressful for some.  Our daughter's was perfect thanks to our wedding planner.  SSE is organized, detailed and thinks of everything!"

Color Course

"This is the first year we held this event.  Simply Sapphire Events worked from scratch with only knowing color and obstacles would be involved. SSE was so creative creating the course.  The flow of the event went so smoothly, everyone had fun, there were tons of other activities for guests to do when they weren't doing the course. Simply Sapphire Events really nailed it.  I am very excited to see what SSE will plan for the Color Course next year."   

Rock's 75th

"Simply Sapphire Events planned my 75th birthday party with a music (piano) theme.  It was amazing how this theme was incorporated into the food and decorations.  In addition there were also games that included everyone and a scrapbook to keep.  I was very pleased with all aspects of the party, SSE really was thoughtful and made sure the theme really suited me and my personality."